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Delivered From Lucifer Spirit.

I was possessed with a Demonic Spirit since when I was a child, in this condition I was abadon with no hope of becoming any good person in life, this spirit that possesed me lead me into many evil doings, because of this, my sister brought me to Christ Love Synagogue Of The Whole World, where the servant of God, Apostle Prince Ikharebhore prayed for me and delivered me from the Evil spirit the possesed which had cursed me into doing wrong doings, after the deliverance I became free, My life is not as it use to be before.

By:Evans Arize
From: Anambra, Nigeria.

Partnership Works, My Life Is A Testimony

But while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away, [ Matthew 13:25 ]. Mr Perseverance and his family at night [12AM] had a spiritual attack, that almost paralyzed his wife, haven't he dreamt of taking a corpse in an ambulance for burial; before he was woken-up by his wife when she was losing strength, the same night, he rushed his wife to the Church in her paralyzed state, his confident was in this scripture, which says, “I will do a new thing in your life”[ Isaiah 43:19], as the anointed man of God, Apostle Prince Ikharebhore prays for her, the paralysis was gone and she recovered at the spoken word by the man of God, when he said, "You demon of death out from this body, in Jesus name,". This testimony shows that is in God that all fullness dwells. What are you passing through? There is nothing God cannot do, just believe and stay connected, because Jehovah who worked miracles for this family, is doing the same for you and your family. In the power of the resurrected Christ Jesus, I prophesy into your life, for all your problems to be abolished, in Jesus name. ].

By: Mr Perseverance and his family.
From: Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria.

Diabetes That Lead To Cancer Testimony

The reality is this, the blood of Jesus was shed for us before the creation of the world, but was only revealed to us when Jesus was crucified on the cross, died and rose again. Not even satan knew about the shed blood until then. This truth, once understood, should have great implications for our faith and victorious living over satan, sin and sickness. It is the same blood that was shed that brought about bareness that turned to fruitfulness in the life of this family [Mr and Mrs kayode Igeleke.], please, share with us the testimony of this man and his wife how it has stir your faith in God.

By: Mr and Mrs kayode Igeleke.
From, Edo state, Nigeria.

Moving Object In The Body Deliverance Testimony

My children where diagnose of Single Cell, Asthma an Pneumonia, with this doctors report and the regular illness, i decided to come to Christ Love Synagogue Of The Whole World, after the anointed man of God prayed for me in prayer line, he gave me a word of prophecy that it is well with me and my children.

By faith i took the anointed sand and handkerchief and ministered it on my children in the hospital, as i was ministering the anointed materials i brought to the hospital, i was praying, saying, "Angle on Assignment heal my children as i minister this anointed sand and handkerchief, immediately i did this my children health was restored".

Even the doctors where confused and they said is only God that could do this, the test was re-conducted but nothing was found, Single Cell, Asthma and Pneumonia is gone, medical test re-conducted results show that my children are no more sick. Glory to God.

Divine Protection Testimony

After coming in contact with Apostle Prince Ikharebhore he gave me a word of prophecy that the days the locus and canker worm has eaten will be restored, in few weeks from the day i received the prophetic word i was promoted in my office, the paper i am holding is the appointment letter. Glory to God for what he has done in my life, thank you Jesus.

Anointed Water Healing And Deliverance Testimony

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