Mrs. Kate Adodo Testimony

Mrs. Kate Adodo was brought to the Christ love synagogue of the whole world, Synagogue City

she was rushed all the way from Benin with the problem of open abdomen due to operation during child birth.The place she did the operation got opened after the operation the intestine falling out, her intestines was being held by tissues and wool, She was brought on that faithful Sunday and was placed on prayer-line, she could neither walk nor talk.she was lying helplessly, the family of Mrs. Kate Adodo cried out during the Sunday live service for the attention of the man Of God Apostle Prince Ikharebhore. The man Of God Came to the scene and sprinkled the pool of Bethesda water on her immediately; she jacked up and started walking the man of God also prophesied that by 2:am at night the angels on assignment will come and sew the place two weeks later she came back for testimony the place has been covered perfectly, she also confirmed the prophecy of Apostle Prince Ikharebhore and she stated how she saw two angels at night exactly 2:am sewing the place and as she woke up the open abdomen was perfectly covered..

Praise God, Mrs. Kate Adodo is perfectly healed and well. The God Of Apostle Prince Is Alive

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